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Informative, attractive and interactive, my seminars (or conferences) are Lecture-Workshops. They comprise a theoretical part (exposure of the subject) & a practical part (on-the-spot implementation of the explained techniques).




This workshop introduces you to the Angelic world by enlightening you on the following three points:

1. Who are the Angels?

  • Introduction to our Heavenly Allies and the rules that govern our communication.
  • Discover the privilege of birth that we all enjoy and its implications on our relationship with the Angels.

2. How to contact them?

  • 3 rules to follow in Angelic communication
  • Birth Angels and Specialist Angels: the 1/72 quota
  • Which Angels to invoke & how?

3. What are the recommended written techniques?

  • Daily List and the RakuRaku System. Practical exercises
  • Angelic allowing, letting go. (or the "Law of Bunnagetchao")
  • The rules of Angelic communication: Synthesis


This workshop aims to present you an in-depth view of the Angelic world by developing the following three areas:

1. Angelic Choirs

  • Keyword: Positioning
  • Presentation of the structure into which the Divine Messengers integrate - Choirs
  • Valuable clues to determine your mission in life

2. Doctor Angels

  • Keyword: Healing
  • Angels and chakras: the "777 Phenomenon" & the beneficial effect it has on health
  • Thematic presentation of Doctor Angels: Western & Oriental Medicine

3. The Legions or Angelic "Teams"

  • Keyword: Learning
  • The oral technique of Angelic invocation or constitution of "Legions"
  • Two existential questions to master
  • Life lessons to acquire and to unlearn
Attending both seminars will give you a complete overview of the Angelic world. You will obtain the whole gamot of techniques to call on our Celestial Allies. You will have the tools at hand to resolve any personal difficulty and gain access to a greater understanding of your mission in life.
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