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Originally from France and adopted by Japan, it is in the happy medium of these two beautiful countries that my heart lies. Although I reside in Japan, France beckons me and I'm there frequently. Like the link established between these two countries, I like to evolve in all fields: art, culture, philosophy, fashion, gastronomy and much more... You will have understood that I am a true "passionado" - I love life !

Deep within me I've always had the inkling there was a higher and loving force. I remember as a child I gave thanks and prayed every night for universal peace. It is through my personal path and spiritual journey that I studied and discovered some infallible techniques to achieving Happiness.

What extraordinary events may take place in your life, if you also choose this unique experience that is within everyone's reach. Therefore let us walk together in joy, love and truth. May all your heart's desires be fulfilled ! Believe in them and they will surely come to be.

The techniques to which I refer are not elitist, and spirituality is in no way a matter of religion. Each person who wishes to live an Angelic revolution is welcome. I am neither soothsayer nor guru. I do not have the answers to your questions. However, I do know how and of whom to ask the right questions. What I propose you to learn and understand is how to interact with the Angels, depending on your needs and situations.

Author, inspirational speaker, Angelic advisor and life coach, I am at your disposal for this bright learning that will create changes in your life and in those around you.

Revival is in the air... Enter the magical world of the Subtle and let yourself be guided !

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Living “the alkaline way”
is to opt for simplicity, to take positive action.

If two choices present themselves, always favor the moral one.

Let's keep in mind the following questions:

- The action I am about to take or the words that I'm going say, are they guided by an ideal of Goodness, Beauty and Truth ?

- Will my words/actions create joy or generate pain?

- In behaving thus, am I treating my neighbour the way in which I would like to be treated myself ?

Act only if the responses are constructive. In doing so, we establish safeguards that allow us to manage our lives with wisdom and responsibility.

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