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1-hour session: Basic Consultation: Trend Analysis

2-hour session: "Advanced" consultation: Personal Coaching



  • Introducing Your Guardian Angel
  • Analysis of numerological cycles: Methods "9 and 52"
  • Dice and tarot: a message & a question

This "extended" consultation gives you a follow-up. It helps you determine the appropriate strategies for your particular case, and to develop invocations adapted your needs or to those of your loved ones.



I do not have all the answers. However, I am able to link you to the dimension that does have them, by revealing the rules of spiritual communication. Affectionately, I baptize this sphere: "La-Haut" ("Here-Above"). It is home to our Heavenly partners: Guardian Angels, Muses, Ascended Masters and Spirit-Guides. Their "job" is to assist us in our daily lives and to work as safeguards. They protect us, show us the way and help heal us.

What I am proposing is an approach adapted to your personal needs. It begins with a work of re-education that invites you to "let go" and to ask the help of our Etheric Allies without imposing your own answers, for this latter limits the possibilities.

My consultations are in no way related to clairvoyance. I make no predictions. I simply teach trends and cycles and provide a benchmark from which to manage one's life in the "sense" of the numbers. The ultimate decision maker is "La-Haut." How best to formulate requests for optimum results? How to decipher or interpret signs and coincidences?

I place at your disposal a personalized "user-guide" of the Angelic World to be used without restraint, for you and for those whom you hold dear.

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