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The worlds with which I work fall within the subtle. For all that, their reality is not to be doubted.

I juggle between two dimensions and offer you a "custom-made" diagnosis that will help you get the most out of yourearthly assets without losing sight of your Divine prerogatives.

Combine this evolution of the soul and harmony of body to experience the joy of living every day!



I have an existence blessed by the gods. A perfect husband, an exemplary son, a loving family, loyal friends and exciting work. My great fortune lies in having discovered very early the creative power of the mind.

My job is to present to you this revolutionary information and to complete it with an in-depth study of the world of Angels, Crystals and Numbers. These three kingdoms are at your fingertips and in your service. Their action, combined with Thought, will help you transform your life and make you master of your destiny.

You will learn to "work in the shadows with the light " by offloading any cause for concern and by asking without any limitation whatsoever for that which you hold dear. Once the ball is in the court of our Divine Allies, worry no longer has a reason to be.

The only thing required is your "YES" to life and your desire to attain abundance on all levels. Claim happiness, joy, abundance, love! You are entitled to these! They are your birthright!

We are all doomed to happiness!


"Prince Charming exists; I married him ..."

Building on my personal experience, and trained in the teachings of Dr. John Gray, a pioneer in the field of personal development & male-female relationships, I bring you: "Honey!", a method of attracting the ideal partner for you and accessing emotional fulfillment while maintaining your integrity.

Discover the " M.O." as well as the expectations of the opposite sex.

Master the art of loving and being loved.


"One must love and respect these allies of the mineral world and not forget that life lives therein."
Jean-Michel Garnier

Since the dawn of time, mankind has been equipped with the most beautiful tool that nature conceals: Crystals. Gifts from our Mother-Earth, stones and crystals have a threefold vocation of:

? healing
? protecting and
? helping us in our spiritual evolution

Their mission thus echoes that of the Angels and their partnership is most beneficial.

Which are the stones to always have on hand? How to choose them? What are the rituals to cleanse and program them?

Enter the magical world of precious stones and let yourself be guided ...



"Numbers are the key to understanding the world." Pythagoras

Because the study of numbers corresponds to the study of the Divine, put all the advantages on your side by following the numbers and deciphering these valuable clues which are strewn along your path.

Discover the numbers of your destiny and gain this understanding that will allow you to thrive in all areas and in all dimensions.



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