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You are the creators of your reality. From today onward, be aware that your life is an extraordinary adventure and that you are entitled to the best. However, to receive life's best, we must first of all ask for it, and above all know how to proceed.

"It works!" gives simple and foolproof techniques for co-creating your life together with The Infinite Intelligence - the Divine. It contains keys that will allow you to build momentum for success which quickly takes you to the fulfillment of your dreams.

"It works!" proposes that you:

  • no longer undergo/endure but rather be master of your destiny.
  • discover the parameters within which the soul evolves.
  • get in touch and live in communication with the Creative Force.
  • receive from it instructions to make prosperity gush forth into your life.

"I am convinced that everyone who reads this book and practices its techniques will discover harmony. I'm sure this "practical guide " is a map that leads us directly there. I strongly urge you to study and implement all these principles."
Professor Kazunori SHIMAMOTO


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Angels are a bridge between Heaven and Earth. They are indeed very real spiritual entities. These "beings of a higher dimension than ours" are empowered to intervene in our lives if we ask.
This book is a guide that will show you how to collaborate with them in all aspects of your life. No matter your request, these Beings of Light will always find a way to bring you relief and support, restoring hope and inspiration to you.
The more you work with them, the more aware you will become of your gifts and talents.

This work offers 72 portraits as "data sheets" for these Angelic Allies of ours. It details their characteristics and various ritual invocations for contacting them to actively involve them in our daily lives. Enter the magical world of Angels and familiarize yourself with the highest-ranking friends you'll ever have.

Regardless of your faith or religion, and whether or not you are a believer, summon them! They are literally gifts of Heaven. You will find your life transformed.



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